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What Home Improvement Hack Completely Changed Your Living Space?

Have you out Marie Kondo'd Marie Kondo?!

Are you someone who's suuuuuper into redecorating your space?

Maybe you've always been into interior decorating, or maybe you got really into it during quarantine and now you wanna share some of your newfound wisdom!!!

Regardless, if you have any hacks for sprucing up your space, we wanna hear 'em!!!

Maybe you got a tile backsplash to upgrade your kitchen, and you can 1,000% confirm that it did, in fact, MAJORLY upgrade it!

Perhaps you're all about conserving space, and so you have a long list of products that've helped you Marie Kondo the sh*t out of your place!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you fell in love with the look of stained glass, and so you bought this peel-and-stick window film, and now you BASICALLY live in a cathedral.

Or maybe you were tired of the lack of amenities in your tiny apartment, so you said "Screw it!!!" and bought a portable washing machine that completely changed your life.

Whatever home improvement hack changed your life, we simply ***NEED*** to know about it. Please tell us all about it (and include pictures too, please!!!) in the DropBox below, and our favorites just miiiiight be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!! Thx!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘