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Show Us Something You Made In Quarantine That You're Suuuuuper Proud Of

It can be anything!

The last several months have been impossibly hard as we all try to live through the coronavirus pandemic. People all over are sick and out of work and have been left with a lot of questions and very few answers.

Lone person walking across an empty highway in Wuhan, China
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And yet, a silver lining — if you can even say that — is that lots of folks have gotten resourceful with all of this time at home and have accomplished some truly amazing things! Have you?


Maybe you've really honed your art skills and you finally created a piece that you're super proud of.

my art at the start of quarantine (left) vs my recent art (right)!

Or maybe you built an entire flipping gaming system all by yourself!!!

My 15 year old nephew from Chicago built his own gaming system during the pandemic. Even allows him to play PS4 games. Super dope

Perhaps you got really into baking, and you weren't much of a chef before quarantine.

after numerous (at least 3!!!) failed attempts at making fluffy milk bread I FINALLY NAILED IT LAST NIGHT this is literally the best bread i've ever baked 😭 its super light with a slighty butteryness to it and is great with salted butter and jam

Or maybe you even started your own small business, and things have been going pretty well!!!

Whatever it is, we wanna hear (and see!!!) the awesome things you've created while in lockdown. Please leave pictures and a brief description of what you've made in the comments below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!