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    Updated on Nov 5, 2019. Posted on Nov 3, 2019

    17 Good Things That Happened This Week That Should've Been Front Page News

    We've got the Good Stuff™.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, this lil' boy was less than thrilled to be a hamburger for Halloween:

    My nephew so mad he a hamburger 😂😭😂😭😂

    2. This Hash-Slinging Slasher pumpkin *TRULY* won this Spooky Szn™:

    3. Cinderblock the CHÖNKY cat finally made some progress on her weight-loss journey!!!!!!!!

    4. This doggo made sure to steer clear of bridges:

    Overestimates his height a little.


    My parents went as a vsco girl and an eboy for their Halloween party 😂😂

    6. He ZOOOOO000oooOO00M!!!!!!!

    I have rewatched this 10 times already. I'm weakkkkkk😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is why i love Facebook

    7. This boyfriend was BETRAYED (!!!!!!!!) IN THE MOST WHOLESOME WAY!!!!!!!!!

    my bf fell asleep in the living room so i went to the room and fell asleep tell me whyyyy this mf was up at 5 am standing at the foot of the bed w the blanket wrapped around him in the dark talking bout “why you left me in there by myself” i almost pissed myself 😭😭😭

    8. This dad taught his daughter the importance of, ya know, not stealing:

    so mila came home from school today with a random jacket

    9. This pupper AWOOOOOOOOOOOOED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. These kids REALLY 👏 DID 👏 THIS 👏:

    My niece and nephews didn’t come to play with y’all. Period !

    11. Stormi gave it her best shot!!!!!!!!!!

    reach for the stars baby 😩😩😍😂

    12. This lil' turtle bb just enjoyed chillin' upside down:

    I decided to help him out because I thought he was stuck, turns out he just likes to be upside down lmao

    13. Brother Nature, in typical Brother Nature fashion, found the end of the rainbow:

    Finally found what you find at the end of the rainbow 😂

    14. This pupper PUT 👏 IT 👏 IN 👏 A 👏 BUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    From this point on, this is the only thing I care about

    15. This squirrel went Spoopy™:

    16. This guy perfectly executed the highly regarded Double Snug™:

    where do you see yourself in the future ? me : (Jess Thomas FB)

    17. And lastly, it was just a regular — albeit spectacular — Halloween in New York City!