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    16 Really, Really — Like, Really — Good Things That Happened This Week

    Hey kids! Wanna see some fish play soccer?!

    1. This week, this doggoli woke his hooman up like this:

    I literally woke up from a nap and he was just standing over me like this

    2. The Council™ here looked down upon us all:

    the council will decide your fate

    3. THESE 😭 TWINS 😭 HELD 😭 HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭

    These newborn twins instinctively reaching for one another to hold hands just moments after delivery is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍😇❤️😏


    5. IDK, these (Fire)foxes just made me giggle:

    6. This woman stood up for WHAT 👏 WAS 👏 RIGHT 👏:

    A guy on the TTC called me a “fucking bitch” after I asked (nicely) if he could move his bag so a pregnant woman could sit down. I responded by telling him everyone dies at the end of the book he was reading. I have no clue if they do, but it seemed like an appropriate response

    7. This axolotl.....well........just watch the video!!!!!!!!!

    8. These lil' pupperinos had *QUITE* the fierce face-off:

    i'm sorry but this is the tik tok that wins

    9. This hedgehog invented jazz:

    i never want to forget about this

    10. A disclaimer was issued for this muffin-crazed kitters:

    The local beloved cat cafe now comes with a muffin disclaimer!

    11. This gymnast said — and I quote — "PERIODT":

    12. THIS 👏 PUPPER 👏 DID 👏 HIS 👏 BEST!!!!!!!!! 👏

    this dog literally failed every single test thrown at him to become a service dog and i am scream laughing. but imho he’s still a very very good boy.


    14. These two took a wholesome break from Sunday Funday Dinner:

    15. This lil' reminder resonated with all of us:

    16. And lastly, THIS SWEET, SWEET REMINDER WAS THE BEST NEWS I'VE GOTTEN IN 👏 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    daylight savings is in 2 weeks we are almost out the trenches yall