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    Oh H*ck, This Week's Doggo Posts Were Goooooooob

    "Alexa, play 'Stand By Me' but the one with the two dogs from Instagram."

    1. These two prepared to combat evil apparitions!!!!!!!!

    If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call

    2. This lil' corgoriño did a beep beep:

    This is Bailey. She likes to honk the horn at stoplights. It makes her feel powerful. 12/10 would buckle pup

    3. This pupper enjoyed some foliage!!!!!!!

    4. We were #blessed with this "Stand By Me" r-r-r-r-remix:

    5. HE SWING!!!!!!!!

    6. This Staffy hung out the passenger side of his hooman's ride and tried to holla at us*:

    7. This bored golden boye longed for companionship:

    This is Riley. Every morning he hangs over the wall and drops his toy so the nearest passerby is forced to play with him. It works 100% of the time. 14/10

    8. This creative pupper single-handedly won Halloween!!!!!!!!

    This Halloween doggo needed to be recharged

    9. Doug the Pug made this absolutely breathtaking re-imagination of Coco:

    10. We were presented with two veeeeeery goob fighter options:

    11. This doggo saw water for the first time and it genuinely cleared my acne flareup:

    Little Gingers first time seeing water 😭❤️

    12. We discovered how Pure 'n Precious™ Chris Evans' pup is:

    The longer I stare at this the better it gets

    13. This was the best surprise MAAAAAYBE ever:

    14. This stimker was all of our #SerotoninGoalz:

    may everyone’s day be as happy as Cash is 24/7 ♡

    15. This perfect pittie did a RELACC!!!!!!!

    “Pit bulls are bred to fight” Yeah fightin back my tears

    16. Gunther here did NOT stick the landing — still scored 12/10 though!!!!!!!!!

    This is Gunther. He leaps. Usually lands it. 12/10 someone help him

    17. This chonk mama scammed people into thinking she was a stray so they'd feed her some stimkin' McDonald's!!!!!!!!!!!

    Facebook: permalink.php

    18. This dapper gent took a stroll along the promenade, old chap:

    Facebook: video.php

    19. Smol One mounted his mighty steed!!!!!!!

    Justine Woodend / Dogspotting / Via

    20. This floofer craved hooman touch:

    21. And lastly, this snoot did, indeed, boop:

    Facebook: video.php

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