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    15 Dog Posts From This Week That Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

    They are!!!!!!!!

    1. This week, this service dogini modeled some ~very cool~ and ~very hardcore~ lab gear:

    So in my roommates lab, one of her classmates has a service dog and apparently service dogs also have to wear lab gear &... Y’all.. just look how cute this is

    2. This husker condensed and SMOOOOOOSHED!!!!!!

    3. This puppo cued the George Lopez theme song:

    Nobody: George Lopez at 3am:

    4. This pupper simply wanted to play Treat Pong!!!!!!!!

    Here is a video of a Puppy at a college party thinking that the guys playing beer pong are signaling him to sit for a treat 😭😭😭

    5. This stimker acknowledged his hooman in the *chillest* of ways:

    6. This teeny-tiny one did an intergalactic transport:

    7 year old me at chuck e. cheese looking through the window in the skytubes trying to find my mom

    7. This service pup met Donald Duck and overall was quite pleased with the interaction:

    nala, an autism service dog, got to meet her hero and they became the best of friends (helperdognala IG)

    8. This lil' lady asked for some NUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s a video of my puppy politely asking for chicken nuggets lol

    9. DUKE HERE WAS A BIG X GAMES BOYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Duke. He had a long day at the skatepark. Struggled at first but eventually persevered like the legend he is. 14/10

    10. These two wibbly-wobbly bbs enjoyed some playtime!!!!!!!

    Twitter I want to introduce to you Trimble and Twitch. They are two pups on TikTok who have a disease called Cerebellar Hypoplasia and are absolutely adorable. Don’t worry, they are not in any pain and are only having fun! 🥰 [a wholesome thread]

    11. Bodhi here was just the most perfect lil' chonkini bo-bini that the world ever did see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Bodhi. He noticed you missed a spot with the lawn mower but have no fear he’s handling it. 12/10


    What would we do without dogs 🤣

    13. This LORG BOYE showed off his very neat and pretty perma-mask!

    14. This lil' lovey's ears went FLOP:

    This is Presleigh. She sneezed and both her ears went inside out. Wondering if you could please flip them back for her. 13/10 of course bb

    15. And lastly, this actually — like, ACTUALLY — happened:

    It's critical that you turn the sound up and watch the whole clip