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    Here Are 14 Very Good Dog Posts From This Week

    *insert hybrid of heart eyes emoji and sobbing emoji here*

    1. This week, Woody here showed off his glorious neck rolls that simply DEMAND to be squidged!!!

    This is Woody. He misplaced his neck several years ago. Life hasn’t been the same since. 14/10 please give him a ring if you find it

    2. This sweet lil' chungus agreed to her hooman's terms:

    Instagram / @sfbuff

    3. This Shiba danced along to these monks' ~soothing~ chants:

    my mom sent me this video of a dog with the monks at a temple in Laos (Jools Calangi FB)

    4. Vera here was, indeed, cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. These lil' pitties proved to be both ~vicious~ and ~terrifying~:

    6. They did a chilly ZOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. These two shared a tender embrace:

    8. This curious snoot made this flight MUCH more enjoyable!!!!!!!

    9. This smol cumulonimbus cloud wore his raincoat even though the sun came out!!!!!!!!

    10. *You will look at this pupperini and become very, veeeeeery sleepy*

    11. HE 👏 IS 👏 INNOCENT 👏 UNTIL 👏 PROVEN 👏 GUILTY!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Thank goodness you're home, the plant attacked me.

    12. Butters here deserved *EVERY* snacco and *THEN* some:

    13. This Helpful Hunny™ made sure his hooman found a comfy seat on the train!!!

    This good boi finding his blind owner a seat

    14. And FINALLY, he DIS!!!!!!!