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    Teachers Revealed How They Know Their Students Are Crushing On Each Other, And It's Cringey-Yet-Adorable

    "I teach two- and three-year-olds. They literally run up and try to kiss the other. They aren’t the best at being subtle."

    Recently, Reddit user u/RadioWolfSG posed this question to teachers: "How obvious is it when one student has a crush on a classmate?" Here are some of the cutest and funniest answers:


    1. "I’ve seen a kid hate a classmate for WEEKS because that classmate sat next to the kid’s crush for morning meeting."


    2. "I teach two- and three-year-olds. They literally run up and try to kiss the other. They aren’t the best at being subtle."


    3. "I actually told kids one year that if they wanted me to change their seating chart, they could email me. This was to avoid potential conflicts or bullying. Instead, a girl asked me to put her next to the boy she liked. I did. I wanted to reward her for asking for what she wanted. I think my exact words were, 'Get it, girl.'"


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    4. "When a girl says 'stooOooooop-uh' while laughing at a guy who is teasing her, or a guy goes out of his way to 'steal' something from her so she’ll have to pursue him to get it back."


    5. "I used to teach sixth and eighth grade science. I told all of my students their best chance at dating their crush was to be respectful. While the eighth graders ignored me and proceeded to make fun of their crushes, the sixth-graders bought it! They were holding doors open and pulling chairs out for their crushes. It was the cutest sh*t ever."


    6. "In middle school, they just start trying to get on each other’s nerves more and are usually overly smiley. The main problem comes when only one of them is smiley."


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    7. "Kids with crushes usually end up doing work for their crush if I put them together, OR get nothing done at all."


    8. "I once went up to a third-grader and asked her, 'Why were you watching so-and-so and not the board? I’m not mad, I’m just wondering.' She said, 'Oh, he’s my crush. I love him. He’s nice and cute and smart and funny.'"


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    9. "I've found that when two students who have been crushing on each other suddenly start completely ignoring each other, it always means they have become ‘boyfriend and girlfriend."


    10. "My Spanish teacher somehow noticed my crush even though I didn’t have Spanish class with my crush. Then my history teacher started seating me by my crush. I kind of figured that teachers talk."


    11. "With preschoolers and kindergartners, it’s actually really cute! If they’re in the same class, they’ll follow the other around and always want to play together."



    12. "I find it very difficult because the typical middle school relationship consists of sitting as far apart from one another as possible and never communicating. Most of the time I would never know unless one of the other kids tells me."


    13. "Most of the time it’s kind of cute, but a lot of times it’s embarrassing even to witness. Boys will throw things, tease, etc. Girls will volunteer to partner with their crush, constantly put on lipstick, and laugh at the jokes that were not remotely funny."


    14. "My sister said there were two kids in her class who liked each other, and she knew because they called one another their favorite things as nicknames."



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