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    18 Very Good Dog Instagrams Everyone Should Be Required By Law To Follow

    Follow all of these if you have taste!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Boop My Nose

    2. Dogs Eating Gently

    3. Dogs in Food

    4. Sophie Gamand's #PitBullFlowerPower

    5. We Rate Dogs

    6. Dogs With Wine

    7. Bubblebecca Pugs

    8. Pups in Pajamas

    9. Pups 'n Coffee

    10. Dogs With Stuffed Animals

    11. Dogspotting

    12. Boris and Horton Dog Café

    13. Pug Café

    14. Malamute Pack Life

    15. Pugdashians

    16. Dogs Who Brunch

    17. Corgi Butts

    18. Dogs Taking Dumps

    What other dog Instagrams do you love?! Link them in the comments!!!

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