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    16 Tweets You'll Love If You're One Of The Seven People Who Doesn't Watch "Game Of Thrones"

    "Going to Trader Joe's during Game of Thrones was a clutch move on my part."


    I've only seen up to Season 2 of #GameofThrones, so I find this really annoying...


    Going to Trader Joe's during Game of Thrones was a clutch move on my part.


    I dunno why people are so jumpy about spoilers, everyone's Game of Thrones tweets are just completely inscrutable stuff out of context like "BOY HE BOUT TO DO IT"


    nobody: person that watches game of thrones: do you watch game of thrones


    When y'all tweeting about game of thrones and I log on


    My twitter feed lately: game of thrones golf half naked people at coachella old town road tiger woods random depressing tweet


    Anyone not watching Game of Thrones: we're meeting in Times Square in a half hour to run the opening of "A Chorus Line."


    don't personally follow sports but hope you all enjoyed the game of thrones


    by not watching game of thrones did i miss out on a big cultural moment? probably - but none of you guys listen to enough jazz so whatever


    I am one of 7 people not watching Game of Thrones right now.


    All 7 of us in the world who don't watch Game of Thrones should get together to not watch Game of Thrones every week while everyone else is watching it


    how do i block these game of thrones posts. i only hate GOT because of the cultures obnoxious obsession. i hate matted fur, winter settings, long beards, and dragons that are not of asian descent


    How I’ll sleep tonight knowing I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones


    i can't wait until game of thrones is over so everyone who watches it can stop telling me to watch game of thrones


    Everyone: Makes a Game of Thrones reference or Joke Me, a person who has never seen a single episode acting like I understand:


    I dont watch game of thrones but I'm happy for everyone who does. Get that winter bread

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