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    Updated on Apr 15, 2019. Posted on Apr 15, 2019

    16 Tweets You'll Love If You're One Of The Seven People Who Doesn't Watch "Game Of Thrones"

    "Going to Trader Joe's during Game of Thrones was a clutch move on my part."


    I've only seen up to Season 2 of #GameofThrones, so I find this really annoying...


    Going to Trader Joe's during Game of Thrones was a clutch move on my part.


    I dunno why people are so jumpy about spoilers, everyone's Game of Thrones tweets are just completely inscrutable stuff out of context like "BOY HE BOUT TO DO IT"


    nobody: person that watches game of thrones: do you watch game of thrones


    When y'all tweeting about game of thrones and I log on


    My twitter feed lately: game of thrones golf half naked people at coachella old town road tiger woods random depressing tweet


    Anyone not watching Game of Thrones: we're meeting in Times Square in a half hour to run the opening of "A Chorus Line."


    don't personally follow sports but hope you all enjoyed the game of thrones


    by not watching game of thrones did i miss out on a big cultural moment? probably - but none of you guys listen to enough jazz so whatever


    I am one of 7 people not watching Game of Thrones right now.


    All 7 of us in the world who don't watch Game of Thrones should get together to not watch Game of Thrones every week while everyone else is watching it


    how do i block these game of thrones posts. i only hate GOT because of the cultures obnoxious obsession. i hate matted fur, winter settings, long beards, and dragons that are not of asian descent


    How I’ll sleep tonight knowing I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones


    i can't wait until game of thrones is over so everyone who watches it can stop telling me to watch game of thrones


    Everyone: Makes a Game of Thrones reference or Joke Me, a person who has never seen a single episode acting like I understand:


    I dont watch game of thrones but I'm happy for everyone who does. Get that winter bread

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