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    17 Of The Goodest Pupper Posts From This Week

    Pls enjoy.

    1. This week, it officially became DOGUST!!!!!!!!

    tired: damn it’s already august wired: HAPPY DOGUST

    2. We were introduced to this definitely, undoubtedly, 116% gay dog!!!

    Twitter: @hipcaucasian / Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

    3. And subsequently, this equally proud pupper!!!!!!!

    4. This dog had...TRADING CARDS?!?!?! (Which we NEED to make a more common thing!!!)

    I pet a nice dog at the airport and her handler gave me her trading card 😭❤️✨ All airports should have dogs and all dogs should have fan cards


    5. This flutterblep boye CRAVED snackums!!!

    This is Finley. His tongue flutters when he's hungry. 13/10 snackums inbound (IG: goldenboyoakley)

    6. This doggo stole a GoPro and basically broke the internet!!!!!!!!!

    u/Morty_Goldman / Via

    7. This meeting was held and the hooman was most definitely NOT invited.

    u/anowlnamedloki / Via

    8. This downward doggo!!!

    Here's a doggo demonstrating a downward awoo. A rare high quality skill not commonly unlocked until the later years. 14/10 (IG: samdersoncooper_samoyed)

    9. These "vicious" breeds all had a very goob time at the park and made lots of frens!!!

    u/meldavis5502 / Via

    10. 🎵 He was a sk8r boye, she said see you l8r boye 🎵

    Facebook: video.php

    11. Cosmo here had a hydrotherapy session!!!!!!!!

    This is Cosmo. He's showing you how he mentally puppares for a hydrotherapy session. Must find his proper splish splash zone. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

    12. This boye ran quite the convincing campaign!!!

    u/whitenhiemer / Via

    13. HE FLY!!!!!!

    u/Fizrock / Via

    14. HE SWIM!!!!!!!

    Luna’s still scared of showering but she’s ready 😂😫💖

    15. She was SILENCED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. This golden boye did not think this through.

    17. And lastly, this pupper won the "In My Feelings" Challenge and is dancing into this weekend!!!!!!!

    Facebook: video.php

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