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19 Things Twentysomethings Definitely Forgot Existed

Disclaimer: May cause vivid flashbacks to yesteryear.

1. Two words: BLO. PENS.

2. These Flintstones vitamins that always reminded me of Tums:

3. Scratch 'n' sniff stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Shark Bites (a classic):

5. Pretty Pretty Princess, which was a fun game that also featured very wearable plastic jewelry:

6. Allstar sticker machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. This bubble gum–flavored medicine:

8. Picking your display picture on your family computer:

9. Everyone's favorite show starring a stuffed lemur:

10. The artist's ultimate arsenal:

11. Push-Up Pops (again, a classic!!!!!!!!):

12. Boomerang by Cartoon Network, mhmmm:

13. Trapper Keeper folders:

14. GO SNACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. The incomparable Viola Swamp from the classroom literary fave Miss Nelson Is Missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. And the iconic Eyewitness book series, of course:

17. The Brave Little Toaster movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. This adorable short before A Bug's Life:

19. And last, the highly coveted Doodle Bear, whose commercial ran 5,809,832,876-plus times a day:

H/T r/nostalgia