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    16 Elementary School Memories Anyone Who Has An Anxiety Disorder And/Or Was Called "A Pleasure To Have In Class" Is Definitely Suppressing

    Fourth grade you is crying and throwing up rn.

    1. First and foremost, this specific Math Minute worksheet:

    Crying and throwing up at the pure sight of it.

    2. Staring at this very alarm clock at 6:59 a.m. and mentally and emotionally preparing for it to wake you up in exactly one minute:

    3. Being absolutely shaken to your CORE whenever one of your classmates did this as a bit:

    4. Having to walk into this specific classroom and ask to borrow something:

    Or WORSE: Having to do this, but all the students in the classroom are in the year above you.

    5. Fearing judgment from both your peers and your gym teacher when you did hideously bad on the sit-and-reach test:

    6. Getting on this bus for a field trip and having to make a quick decision on where you're gonna sit and who you're gonna sit with:

    7. Playing Brain Quest against people and always losing, so you never wanted to play it, but your parents/teachers always made you, so:

    8. Whenever these mats were pulled out in gym class and your pre-secondhand embarrassment kicked in because you knew you were going have to do something labor-intensive in front of your peers:

    9. Having to cover your textbooks in this brown paper and just KNOWING you're gonna fuck it up:

    10. The deep frustration and panic you felt when learning to write a — *shivers* — cursive G:

    11. And getting this stuff on your hand while writing and just being like "UGH, great, now I have to deal with this":

    12. When your teacher pulled down one of these maps and you waited — with bated breath — for it to SLAM BACK UP and scare the living sh*z out of you:

    13. Bringing home your monthly cafeteria menu and meticulously planning which meals you were gonna get:

    14. The sheer anxiety of waiting your turn in Four Square during recess:

    15. Spending hours upon hours in this liminal space:

    16. And lastly, the one thing that ever gave us any relief in elementary school:

    H/T r/nostalgia