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What's The Worst Experience You've Ever Had With A Landlord?

We wanna hear the WORST.

Do you have a toooootally fucked-up landlord story?


If so, we wanna hear what happened.


Maybe your landlord just wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and you have screenshots to prove it.

Landlord would like picture proof the hot water isn’t working from LandlordLove

Maybe your landlord's "repairs" were rather, uh......comical.

Discovered tonight that the carbon monixide alarm in our apartment hasn’t had a battery for the entire time we’ve lived here and that it was ‘plugged in’ to two slits my landlord had carved in the wall.

(If so, we're gonna need pics.)

Or perhaps you had a landlord who accidentally walked into your apartment while you were showering and scared you half to death. Oh, and they also saw you ✨nakey✨.

Landlord left a note saying that we need to be prepared for tours from 8:00AM-8:00PM for two weeks. from funny

Maybe your landlord had this cute lil' habit of turning off your Wi-Fi router whenever you played music that they didn't like.

VH1 /

Maybe you even went away for a weekend, only to come back and find your landlord and a few of their buddies drinking and smoking in your living room.


So if you have a landlord horror story, tell us what happened in the comments below. We just might feature it in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!