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Tell Us The Worst Christmas Horror Stories You've Actually Lived Through

🎵Deck the halls with boughs of ho-rrific experiences🎵

Aah, yes — the Most Wonderful Time of the Year™ is upon us once again!

Of course, along with the first fall of snow and holly-decked halls comes a lot of family time, which, for some, can quickly devolve into ✨utter mayhem✨.

So for selfish entertainment purposes, we'd love to know your absolute WORST Christmas horror stories.

Maybe your uncle got caught cheating on your aunt after he got a flirty text from his sidepiece, and your aunt saw (and this all happened at the dinner table)!!!!!!

Or mayhap one of your cousins ended up having a horrific allergic reaction to one of the side dishes, and you all ended up having to spend Christmas in the emergency room.

Or MAAAAAYBE your brother proposed to his longtime boyfriend on Christmas in front of the whole family and his boyfriend flat-out said no.

So if you have a truly atrocious ✨Christmas horror story✨, please share it in the comments below. The absolute most heinous ones might just make it into an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!