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People Who Pivoted Careers During COVID, How Has It Worked Out?

It was time for ✨a change✨!!!

Did you have a massive career pivot during COVID (or at any point in your life, really)?! If so, we wanna hear your story!!!

Maybe you had a desk job that you hated, got laid off, subsequently decided to pursue your passion for painting, and now work full-time as a muralist!!!

Or maybe you found yourself feeling lost during the pandemic and wanted to do something bigger than yourself, so you went the grad school route, and now you're becoming a therapist!

Or perhaps, your position became remote, and so you decided to move to out west and get a part-time job leading wilderness trips...and it eventually became your full-time gig!

If you've drastically pivoted careers, please leave your story/experiences/advice/photos in the comments below or in this anonymous Google Form. Our favorite submissions may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!