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Has A Loved One Ever Reached Out To You From The Afterlife?

Was it creepy, comforting, or just plain weird?!

Have you ever felt like a friend or family member who passed away was trying to communicate with you? Like, from The Other Side™?

Was it creepy, comforting, or just plain weird?!

Like maybe a week after your grandma passed away, you found a blank note in your car that just said, "To Chris, love, Grandma."

Or perhaps you found your uncle's favorite shirt just after he died, despite it having been missing for six years.

Or maaaaaaybe you were going through old pictures trying to find a specific one of you and your best friend who crossed over, but you got tired and gave up...only for the photo to fall out of the stack on your way out the door.

So if you've ever had an experience like any of these, please submit your story (and any pictures, if you want) in the DropBox below. Our faves may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!