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Show Us The Wildest Outfit You Wore As A Kid Before Society Crushed Your Spirit

If your parents picked out your outfits, I'm genuinely so sorry.

When you were a kid, were your parents fucking ✨icons✨ and let you wear whatever the fuck you wanted?

Paramount Pictures /

If so, we want pics of Little You™ in the most — dare I say — legendaric outfit you put together!!!


For example, here's mine.


The tie-dye, the horizontal stripes, the teal tribal print flip flops...........Conformists feared me. 😌

Or perhaps you were very into matching (to a fault, some might say)!

i feel embarrassed sharing this photo but at least a bitch could say she tried her best at matching otr tho who let me dress myself

Twitter: @ardyinspace

Although a lot of things are going on in this ensemble!

Or maybe you were a bit more modest, but yet you still look back on pictures years later and go, "Hmm!"

A girl wearing a simple black dress with bright pink embellishments
Sarah Wainschel

Whatever your fashion icon origin story may be, we wanna see the photos and perhaps even hear a little about the backstory. Please submit in the DropBox below for your chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!