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Show Us Your Funniest Drunk Tattoo

I am SOOOOO0000000ooOOOooo ready for these submissions.

Hey you guys. I'm just gonna cut to the chase: have you ever gotten a tattoo while you were shit-faced?

One that's funny in, like, the really-dumb-but-kinda-funny-in-retrospect kind of funny?!

Like, maybe you made a drunk bet with your friend that the loser had to get the winner's mom's name tattooed on their butt. And long story short, you now have the name Cheryl sprawled in cursive across your left asscheek.*

Perhaps you had a Kendall Moment™ and, feeling both inspired and under the influence, made the decision to get "Meow" tatted on the inside of your lip. Like, WHY THE FUCK NOT?!?!?!

Or maybe your friend is a tattoo artist and you two got absolutely OBLITERATED and nostalgic together, and, uh... this happened.

SO SHOW US PICS AND TELL US A LITTLE BACKSTORY OF YOUR WORST (AKA ~BEST~) DRUNK TATTOOS IN THE DROPBOX BELOW!!! (I'm literally SOOOOOOOOO excited to see these submissions, you guys!) Our faves will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DRUNK TATZ!!! 💖💖💖