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Show Us Your Most Random Halloween Costumes That Literally No One Understood

The girls who get it, get it.

Have you ever dressed up as something so fabulously ingenious yet so incredibly niche for Halloween that you had to explain it to nearly everyone?

If so, we wanna see the pictures and hear your explanations.

Maybe you were like Winston's girlfriend Shelby on New Girl and went as "raining/reigning cats and dogs" and enjoyed explaining that wordplay for the entire night.

Screenshot from "New Girl"

Or, maybe you dressed up as a "black-eyed pea" and had to field questions and several funny looks while at the party.

Woman dressed as a black-eyed pea

Or, perhaps you decided to incorporate some ✨math humor✨ into your costume and went as "an acute angel."

An acute angel

So, if you've got some good niche costumes under your belt, please drop your pics and stories in the Dropbox below. Our favorites may be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!