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Show Us A Picture Of Yourself Next To Your Lookalike Ancestor

Do you have ✨strong genes✨?

Have you ever found an old photo in one of your family albums and been like, "Damn...I look JUST like my great-great-great-aunt Vivianne!" or something like that?!

If so, we want the photographic evidence — show us a picture of you next to a picture of your lookalike ancestor!!!

Like, maybe you and your great-uncle both served in the military AND had the same exact eyes!!!!!!!

Or maybe you found a portrait of your great-grandpa and suddenly, ✨everything made sense✨:

Or maybe your dad quite literally said, "Copy, paste" when he had you:

So if you have some ancestral lookalike pics you wanna show off, please put them in the DropBox below (and make sure you upload them in side-by-side format or as a collage!!!) for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!! Thx!!!!!!!!