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    15 Tweets From Seth Rogen's Mom That Are Honestly Canon At This Point

    "Just saw some women's underwear on the ground near the entrance to Costco................." —Sandy Rogen

    This is Seth Rogen's mom, Sandy. She is an absolute treasure.

    Sandy Rogen has recently reached the Twitter milestone of 100,000 followers and I'm about to show you why.

    Behold, the Hot Takes™ of Sandy Rogen — proud mother, style icon, and now, certified Twitter prophet:

    1. Sandy Rogen on dreaming vividly:

    I had a dream that Beyonce and jay z were at Seth’s house, and me , my husband and daughter were there dressed very weird and making super awkward comments. It was only a dream! So vivid.

    2. On seeing some underwear on the ground outside Costco:

    Just saw some women's underwear on the ground near the entrance to Costco.................

    3. On wearing in shoes:

    4. On life hacks:

    When you wear a big heavy coat no one can tell when you fart.

    5. On wondering things:

    I wonder things, like how old is the oldest working flight attendant?

    6. On Scandinavian words with the word "fart" in them:

    7. On her time spent on a Disney cruise:

    Just got off a week disney cruise with the grandchildren. I think everything about me has turned to mickey mouse.i think my poo is shaped like mickey

    8. On a Subaru commercial that made her cry:

    I just saw a Subaru commercial that made me cry .

    9. On her husband's dinner:

    Husbands dinner. Don't ask I didn't make it ..

    10. On being proud of her son's ceramic double ashtray:

    As always. So proud of your accomplishments !

    11. On self-care:

    I am pretty sure i put hair conditioner on my face instead of body lotion. All those little bottles look the same. It was actually quite fine.

    12. On throwing parties:

    So to night we are sleeping over at my daughters to take care of her kids so she can go out, should I throw a party at her place ?? Hahahahaha

    13. On the nice young woman at Target:

    Thank you nice young woman at target saying hello to us , as we were buying 99 cent hand siap.

    14. And lastly, on being a "nerd":

    I actually got sunglasses that fit over my glasses nerd!!

    So if you don't already, FOLLOW SANDY ROGEN ON TWITTER!!!!!! LET'S GET OUR TWITTER MOM TO 200,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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