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    Rebecca Black Just Released A "Friday" Remix In Honor Of The Song's 10-Year Anniversary, And The Video Has So Many Nostalgic References In It

    Releasing the "Friday" remix on a Wednesday? Legend.

    Well, you guys, it's officially been 10 YEARS(!!!!!!!!) since the zillennial anthem "Friday" was released by Miss Rebecca Black.

    Ark Records /

    And in honor of this anniversary, the now-orange-haired legend has decided to give us a lil' treat........

    A REMIX, but make it ✨hyperpop✨. (Oh, and feature Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and fellow early-2010s bop-havers 3OH!3.)

    Promo art for the Friday remix with Rebecca dressed in a houndstooth print dress, belt, and blue lipstick
    RB Records

    Right off the bat, I'm obsessed with the nostalgic opening.

    Ark Records, RB Records

    Only this time, there's a strobe warning!

    Of course, there are little homages to the 2011 video throughout the whole thing, like the 7 a.m. alarm clock, of course:

    RB Records /

    And OBVIOUSLY, she gotta have her bowl, gotta have cere-ol (and old pics of herself from the OG vid):

    RB Records /

    And my personal fave: her hitting the infamous "Bus Stop" sign with her convertible. 😌

    RB Records /

    I also love this gorgeous moment of utter badassery where she rides with her old "Friday" gold plaque in the passenger seat. Mhmm!

    Arrows pointing at the plaque in the passenger seat as Rebecca, dressed in a leather bodysuit, drives with her long braided ponytail whipping in the wind
    RB Records /

    My only question is, WHERE ARE THESE GIRLS?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Ark Records /


    Ark Records /

    YOU!!!!!! KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ark Records /

    Regardless, the "Friday" remix is a bop, and you should listen.

    Ark Records /

    Watch the music vid here!!!!!!!!!!!

    View this video on YouTube

    RB Records /

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