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17 Pets Whose Weird Fur Markings Will Make You Love Them Even More

I love them. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

1. This lovely lady with *QUITE* the full brows:

2. This ~catception~:

3. This little kitters with a finely manicured mustache:

4. And this guy who has a 'stache AND a little goatee!

This cat at my local shelter has a mustache and goatee

5. This nuggito whose printer seemed to have run out of ink:

6. Good ol' "Exclamation Point Butt":

7. This sweet angel who, due to biological implications, always looks *VERY SHOCKED*!!!

8. This whole new take on "wiener dog":

9. The Cat Who Lived™:

10. This cat with chimera, a genetic mutation where an organism contains two different sets of DNA — and the results are pretty amazing!!!!!!!!

11. It can also be found in other animals, including teeny-tiny pugginos!!!!!!!!

12. This born and bred Disney stan:

13. This guy who's perpetually OMG!-ing:

14. This lil' one whose face I just wanna play checkers on!!!

15. This paw-on-paw action:

16. This honey bear who always wear his heart on his...side:

17. And lastly, this pupperino who always wears his heart right on the top of his head!!! 💖