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    18 Reluctant Pet Parents Who Eventually Came Around

    "My dad went from 'I don't want that dang cat' to carrying her to 'her room' for bed each night."

    1. This grandpa who "don't want that dang cat":

    u/laurieatari / Via

    2. This mom who uses sweet potatoes as a peace offering:

    u/SpecCRA / Via

    3. This dad who now must have his pug on him AT 👏 ALL 👏 TIMES 👏:

    u/Pulkamania / Via

    4. This guy who's no longer an empty nester:

    u/doylehawk / Via

    5. This happy constructor of Kimba's new fortress:

    6. These accommodating cat people:

    u/Dezean / Via

    7. This dog dad who needed a whole montage to encapsulate his love:

    my dad: i don’t want a dog in the house! also my dad:

    8. This dad and his iPup:

    u/eatmorchicken / Via

    9. This pawrent whose baby lives better than I do:

    u/salpalxx / Via

    10. This recently-converted Dog Dad™:

    Twitter: @Mireyadaa


    "My dad: I don't want dogs in the house

    Also my dad:"

    11. This courteous caregiver:

    u/PeppermintPhatty / Via

    12. This anti-cat person turned cat carpenter:

    u/herinitialsspellher / Via

    13. This newly-bonded pair:

    u?LetsRaidTogether / Via

    14. This dad who sees his dog as an offspring equivalent:

    u/brahbocop / Via

    15. This pug papá whose home remains intact despite his four-legged friend:

    u/ajaxwhat / Via

    16. This dad whose stance remains firm:

    u/[deleted] / Via

    17. This adorable grandPAW (!!!!!!!!)

    u/bitchola / Via

    18. And lastly, this total liar:

    And my dad said he didn't like the dog..

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