If Suffering Was A Contest, These 37 People Would Definitely Have You Beat...Sorry

    This is so bad. Like, so, soooo bad.

    1. Having a bad day? Well, at least you're not this person!

    2. Or this stock photo model with an unfortunate casting:

    3. Or these people who live directly across from a driving range!

    4. Or this on-the-go makeup-doer:

    5. Or imagine going for a nice, brisk hike and then just stumbling upon all your Chewy orders from the last four to six months...??????

    6. And lemme tell ya, I, for one, would hate to be this plumber:

    7. Or WORSE: could've woken up, poured yourself a bowl of cereal, and seen THIS:

    8. Be thankful you're not this cat owner who just wanted some rice:

    9. Or this person whose diamond was — sadly — NOT forever:

    10. Or this person who clearly actually needed this product:

    11. Be grateful that you don't have this pack of feral cats at your door:

    12. And aren't you happy you weren't one of these coworkers eagerly awaiting their morning donut???

    13. At least you're not this weary traveler:

    14. Imagine being this guy who's allergic to LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Or this ambulance rider who was, like, robbed???!?!?!?!!

    16. Or this guy who just wanted to smell nice, but alas, NOPE 😌💕✨:

    17. Or getting a speeding ticket while your car was being towed:

    18. Or this biker who got...(wait for it)...NAILED (sorry):

    19. You could be this accidental bedroom captive...what THEN?!?!?!?!

    20. Or these parents:

    21. Or this person who made the very bold choice of bringing some shepherd's pie into bed:

    22. Just reflect on the privilege you have of not being this guy:

    23. Or whoever left their window open in the Arctic!!!!!!

    24. Or this older sibling who now has the world's best villain origin story:

    25. Just be happy that your gummy vites didn't melt en route!!!!!!!!

    26. And that you're not this car haver:

    27. Or this student who was_ SOOOOO_ CLOSE, yet .18% too far:

    28. Or this poor man who deserves to be kept in all of our thoughts and prayers 😔🙏:

    29. Or this person who made a PB&J, hold the PB&J:

    30. Or this girl who should just count her lucky stars that she didn't eat said slug:

    31. And let's not forget "Mr. Peepee":

    32. And this person who was like, "Oh, GRATE!" (lol bad joke):

    33. Like, just be happy this isn't your apartment 💖:

    34. A moment of silence for the night shift worker who was on the receiving end of THIS:

    35. Perhaps another moment of silence for this person too... :///

    36. Just remember to count your blessings that you don't have dreadlocks in your Coke:

    37. And lastly, at least you didn't write this lil' memo:

    ANYWHO, hope you enjoyed seeing these people suffer so you could feel better about yourself and your own bad day. This, too, shall pass!!!!!!!!!!! 😌💖

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks.