23 Nature-Inspired Tattoos That'll Make You Feel One With The Wilderness

    So you can bring ~the wilderness~ wherever you go.

    1. This tropical micro-masterpiece:

    2. This flower branch that was essentially traced on:

    3. This ~love letter~ from the wild:

    4. This oceanic ecosystem:

    5. This precious lil' fox fren:

    6. This artistic interpretation of the wild within us:

    7. This little but lucky memento:

    8. This absolutely *~mYsTiCaL~* chest piece:

    9. This INSANELY life-like frog:

    10. This gorgeous lake reflection:

    11. This dainty floral sleeve:

    12. These creepy crawlies:

    13. This baby birb hiding in some hibiscuses:

    14. This tiny rose:

    15. These inky tree rings:

    16. This geometric pinecone:

    17. This hypnotizing topographic map:

    18. This wee baby pine:

    19. This deathly cool skull-landscape hybrid:

    20. These bright and lovely leaves:

    21. This mama bear:

    22. This delicate ode to the ocean and the world above it:

    23. And lastly, this old tree stump that always holds out hope: