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    This Instagram Follows A Dog Through Nature And It Will Bring You Serenity

    "She's shown me why humans and dogs have coexisted so peacefully for thousands of years."

    No matter how hard I try to flex on Instagram, I will never be as photogenic as this doggo. And that's just a FACT!!!

    This is Troja, an Irish Setter who spends her days exploring the Norwegian wilderness with her hooman and putting IG influencers TO πŸ‘ SHAME. πŸ‘

    Her hooman, photographer George Rotan, spoke to BuzzFeed about Troja, running their account @george_and_troja, and their various aesthetically pleasing adventures!!!

    "Troja always came with me on hikes, but I never thought about photographing her until people on the trail started complimenting her looks," Rotan told BuzzFeed.

    "Since I've started taking pictures of her, it's created more of an interaction between us on our hikes. It's led to a very strong companionship," he said.

    Rotan got Troja back in 2012 shortly after his previous dog passed away. And originally, Troja's caretaker thought she was too anxious to go to a home.

    "Troja was very weak and insecure as a pup, but she had such a soulful, unique personality," Rotan said. "I instantly fell in love with her and vowed to help her get better."

    Well, after challenging her to explore new places and meet different people, other dogs, and wild animals, Rotan says Troja is stronger and happier than ever!

    "Being with her throughout her process has had such a huge impact on my life and personal development as well," said Rotan. "She's shown me why humans and dogs have coexisted so peacefully for thousands of years."

    Now, George and Troja go on daily hikes and over 100,000 people follow their beautiful adventures on Instagram!

    UGH. What a life!!!!!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Follow George and Troja on Instagram!

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