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    19 Times Pugs Literally Caused The Internet To Implode From Sheer Adorableness

    HAPPY NATIONAL PUG DAY!!! (AKA Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, Halloween, and 4th of July COMBINED.)

    1. When this puggo pulled up riding shotgun (complete with cool t-shirt and v cool goggles):

    The was the highlight of my week 😭❤️

    2. Literally whenever the legendary @bubblebeccapugs posts a pic to Insta!!!!!!!!!

    3. When this puggerino got scolded and all of Twitter came to his defense:

    apologize bitch

    4. When this pug got in trouble with THE LAW!!!!!!!!

    5. When this puggo gave us the perfect reaction shot!!!!!!!

    My cat was drinking Otis’ water and he looked up at me like he was in an episode of The Office lmao

    6. Every single time @dogs_infood photoshops a pug into a snacko:

    7. When Emma the pug took her rightful position as the ~World's Fastest Pug~!!!!!!!!

    WATCH: Sixty dogs raced for the title of Berlin, Germany’s fastest pug on Saturday. But, only one champion was dubbed the “Usain Bolt of pugs.”

    8. When all of the pugs dressed up for Japan's National Pug Day!!!!!!!

    8/9はパグの日。なぜかほっかむりをしながら、パグ&ピースで平和を考える日。 #パグの日 #パグライフ生命 #パグ

    9. When this lil' puglet was serenaded. 💖💖💖

    10. When this party pug went out for a night on the town!!!!!!!

    Facebook: video.php

    11. Whenever @itsdougthepug posted something involving — or at least alluding to — pizza:

    13. Whenever the @pugdashians served us with a killer hat/pearl necklace combo!!!!!!

    14. When this ol' man showed us hims toofer:

    Facebook: video.php

    15. When Pugsley did a h*ckin' SMOOOOOOOSH:

    This is Pugsley. He lost control of his rubber duck. Happens to the best of us. 13/10 my thoughts are with him


    Facebook: video.php

    17. When this lovely lady went to prom but HAD NO ONE TO DANCE WITH!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    18. When the internet met this lil' angel bb!!!!!!!!!!

    Facebook: video.php

    19. And lastly, when this image singlehandedly broke the pug internet community.


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