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    Here Are 23 Very, Very, Very Important Dog Posts From This Month

    And that's on Big Poppa xx

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This month, this foofer became a living, breathing piggy bank after being accidentally shaved:

    2. Frida here — to the dismay of her hooman — enjoyed plenty o' Kraft Singles:

    Behold my dog Frida, who ate a whole stack of kraft singles while I was in the shower.

    3. This lil' bb just really needed a change!!!!!!!!!

    Best thing I did during quarantine...

    4. Big Poppa here made waves as he longed to play with the neighbor's kids:

    Big Poppa has been so sad today, I think he miss playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio

    5. This pup just kept getting floofier and FLOOFIER!!!!!!!!!

    My parents are stressed out that dog groomers aren’t open because Furby’s hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger

    6. These guys' hooman provided a gripping commentary on their game of "Who has the chew toy?":

    Some sports are slower. More about the strategy.

    7. This dogini helped their hooman with her online classes:

    I ask my students to send me photos of their dogs doing class work. It’s an under-appreciated photography genre.

    8. This teeny-tiny puppini sported a natural yarmulke!!!!!!!!

    9. This floof left a stick offering upon this welcome mat:

    i heard a light knock on my door and went to answer it and it was my landlords’ dog bringing me a stick 😭😭😭

    10. These two and their car decor made traffic more bearable:

    11. HE 👏 JUST 👏 WANTED 👏 TO 👏 HELP!!!!!! 👏

    This is the best weather forecast in the history of television news

    12. This Animal Crossing crossover was much needed by society:

    13. This doggito made a lil' cameo appearance on this news channel's weather segment:

    14. Legend has it that this month, many people found the pug:

    When you have found the pug just retweet ok

    15. HE SAT:


    16. He did a classic Sit 'n' Sploosh™:

    17. They really did be vibing, tho:

    I can’t stop watching this French dude’s content.

    18. These two weren't too into the new rule enforcements:

    19. THIS LIL' ONE DID A SNEEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Just...just behold: the unthinkable glory of the Corgi Booty™:

    21. EARTH 👏 BEGAN 👏 TO 👏 HEAL!!!!!!! 👏

    the hotdog are finally returning to the pastures. the earth is healing. we are the virus

    22. These neighbors and their dog's small act of kindness seems like it made a big difference!!! 😭😭😭

    My downstairs neighbor lives alone so he is borrowing our dog whenever he needs to. She’s down there right now. They’re eating dinner together.

    23. And lastly, this puppoli did what he could to raise morale!!! 💖