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    Sorry Gen Z'ers — Only Millennials Will Be Able To Smell This Post

    The things I'd do for a deep whiff of some Mr. Sketchys...

    1. The smell of a freshly-opened can of Play-Doh:

    2. And Koosh balls?! Oh YES:

    3. The scent of these balloon goopies:

    4. Imagine sniffing each of these...from strawberry aaaaaaaaall the way to black licorice:

    5. Everyone remembers the smell of these ultimate emblems of academic achievement:

    6. Washing your hair with this stuff was one of the most visceral experiences of yesteryear:

    7. THESE LIL' ERASERS!!!!!!!

    8. The woodland-ish aroma of pencil shavings that wafted from this bad boy:

    9. AAAAAH! The smell of *ENDLESS* creative possibilities:

    10. Not to be weird, but the gasoline-y smell of rubber cement will always be slightly arousing to me:

    11. Sniffing and squidging Gak? Gotta love it:

    12. The things I'd do for another whiff of the ol' putty:

    13. And the plastic-y smell of these cubey boyes:

    14. I bet you can still smell (and hear) these recess classics:

    15. MR. BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. The all-too-familiar smell of walking into your local Blockbuster:

    17. And lastly, opening up the shrink wrap of a Disney VHS and taking in the fumes of a brand new cassette: