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    Lil Xan Gifted Billy Ray Cyrus A Birthday Bong And All I Can Say Is "Sweet Niblets"


    So if you're "with it," then you're well aware that Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan are the Gen Z poster couple no one knew we needed.

    Like, their relationship has truly made me believe in love again.

    But ANYWHO, yesterday was Noah's dad and resident country overlord Billy Ray Cyrus's birthday, and the whole Cyrus fam got together to celebrate...including Lil Xan!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, you guys β€” NOAH πŸ‘ AND πŸ‘ LIL πŸ‘ XAN πŸ‘ GAVE πŸ‘ BILLY πŸ‘ RAY πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ BONG πŸ‘ AS πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ GIFT. πŸ‘


    Instagram: @xanxiety

    (If Lil Xan and Noah didn't name this strand "Sweet Niblets," then that was a HUGE missed opportunity.)

    Noah even posted a vid on her Insta story showing 🚨 EXCLUSIVE LIVE FOOTAGE 🚨 of Billy Ray receiving the now-iconic bday bong:

    Billy Ray seemed pleased, later tweeting this pic of all his new toys, writing: "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER !!!!!"

    Basically, I'm obsessed with this sweet and brilliant ~joint effort~ from the young couple...

    ...aaaaaaaand I need this photo printed on a t-shirt, a postcard, and an ice cream cake, and framed on my desk by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

    In conclusion:

    Twitter: @madimill3r

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