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    16 Thoughtful Ways People Have Memorialized Their Late Pets

    "I made a memory quilt for my dog who passed away. She was 17 when she died, so the quilt has 17 hearts representing each year of her life."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show and tell us how they've memorialized their late pets. Their responses were beautiful, thoughtful, and incredibly creative! Here are some of our favorites:

    1. A Christmas tree ornament

    "I had an ornament made when my dog, Spanky, passed away. I treasure it!" —mbrossler

    2. A commissioned pet portrait

    "For Christmas, I commissioned a portrait of our late Maine Coon, Lion, for my husband." —kacielouised

    3. Planting their favorite flowers in their favorite place

    "My cat Cinnamon loved sitting on this dirt pile in our backyard and rubbing his face on the snapdragon flowers that were nearby. As he got older, he wasn’t able to reach over the brick wall to partake in his favorite past time. To make him happy, we would break off some flowers and put them on the dirt so he could do his thing. After he passed, we planted snapdragons so they touched the dirt pile and spread his ashes right where the dirt and flowers met. Now he’s always able to feel the sun and his favorite flowers."


    4. A commemorative tattoo

    "I got my dog Timber's paw print tattooed on my side — right where his paw would rest when he gave me 'hugs.' The background is a snowy tree-line to represent his name and favorite time of year." —shelbyp4240d8926

    5. Using their dog tag as a keychain

    "I transformed my dog's tag into a keychain for my car keys. For me, its a sweet way to remember my boy even four years after he passed."


    6. A Petsie

    "There is a company called Petsies that makes stuffed animals that look like your pet. I sent them a pic of my first dog, Remi, and now I have a huggable plush Remi that I love so much. Definitely a special gift to have around to remind me of her." —fburns

    7. A personalized piece of art that represents their life

    "My cat had hyperthyroidism for years. I was finally able to get it treated with radioactive iodine therapy, but as a result, she was radioactive for about six weeks post-op. There was something oddly 'superhero' about that to me. So when she passed, I commissioned an artist to portray her as a superhero. But when I told him about her radiation treatment, he decided instead to portray her as a radioactive, neon green, Godzilla-cat attacking a city. He really captured her spirit and how hard she fought against her disease." —maetelle

    8. Making a quilt

    "I made a memory quilt for my dog who passed away. She was 17 when she died, so the quilt has 17 hearts representing each year of her life."


    9. A Fun tattoo that imagines your pets in a happier way

    10. A necklace with a lock of their hair

    "I had my horse for 14 short years before he suddenly left this world. I was devastated. I wanted something that I could wear each day so he could always be with me, so I worked with a jeweler to develop this piece. It’s a lock of his hair in a glass locket surrounded by gold glitter. We decided to use leather to represent all of our years showing together. It’s only been a year, but each day without him continues to be hard. This necklace helps those hard days." —ihategnomes

    11. "Retiring" their sports jersey

    "My dog and I watched every Bears game we could together, so I 'retired' her jersey after she passed."


    12. A globe made with their ashes

    "I had my Tigger’s ashes made into this globe. It’s the same color as his eyes, and it makes me feel much closer to him than just having his ashes in a box." —katelyns4b710b631

    13. A tattoo of their nose print

    "I got my late dog's nose print tattooed. It is even shaped like a heart!" —aliciat49bcb97cc

    14. Something that pays homage to their favorite activity

    "My family’s dogs have all been hunting dogs. When they passed, my dad carved wooden duck decoys of the birds they hunted and put the dogs' ashes inside. Hunting was what my dogs loved to do, and the decoys constantly remind me of all the times we got to spend together enjoying the outdoors."


    15. A wood burning to hang somewhere you can always see it

    "I lost my Oscar in late October of last year. I made a wood burning of him to hang up by my computer so I can always be reminded of him and the amazing things he did for me through the years." —jessicam126

    16. And lastly, a communal doggy water fountain

    "This doggy water fountain is on a corner near my house. The marble plaque reads, 'Snuggles 1985-2003'." —shrivercircus

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