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    22 Reasons I'm Obsessed With The Pacific Northwest And I've Never Even Been There

    TBH I google Airbnbs in Oregon and Washington every night.

    1. There's an actual place called Cape Disappointment!!!

    2. It rains a lot — my fave weather, but I digress — and you know what that means...

    3. ...DOGS. IN. RAINCOATS!!!!!!

    4. You can walk around places like THIS just because you're, like, bored or something!!!

    5. They have cool rocks.

    6. Socks and sandals are a certified ~LEWK~ and I love it.

    7. Seattle has a gum wall and maybe I'm weird, but I'm kind of into it?!

    8. This giant boulder is called Proposal Rock which I think is SO ROMANTIC!!!

    9. Coffee's totally an ~aesthetic~ and a ~lifestyle~ — which, for the record, I fully support.

    10. Pike Place Market is MAGICAL and I think it would be a great setting for, like, a rom-com with a kissing-in-the-rain scene!!!

    11. You can take ferries!!!!!!

    12. Doggos love the Pacific Northwest. It's just a fact!!!!!!

    13. Mount Rainier is a thing and it's a totally GORGEOUS backdrop for hikes...

    14. ...or for crack 'o dawn early morning commutes!

    15. Grey's Anatomy takes place there.

    16. Their food looks fresh, organic, and YUMMERS!


    18. They have super cute bars and brewing companies!

    19. You can climb mountains with PUPPERS!!!!!!!

    20. Basically, I just love everything about the Pacific Northwest.

    21. It's so relaxing and cozy and perfect.

    22. In conclusion, I would totally maybe one day love to live there.

    P.S. — This post wasn't promoted by the PNW at all. I just really like it!!!!!!!