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    Posted on Dec 17, 2017

    15 Objects That've Been Closer To KJ Apa Than You'll Ever Be, Sadly

    A comprehensive list.

    1. This wetsuit.

    2. These raw hot dogs.

    3. That toppled cone.

    4. These cards that don't mind being played.

    5. This mug.

    KJ Apa /

    6. This jar of Vegemite.

    7. This hoe. 😏

    8. Either of these foam fingers.

    9. This Starbucks cup that says "Keje" on it, inferring that KJ himself might drink from it.

    10. That headlamp.

    11. That coat casually draped over his shoulder.

    12. This fan art.

    13. These sneakers.

    14. This box of condiments.

    15. And this skateboard/skillfully repurposed headrest.

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