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    I Don't Care How Busy You Are, You NEED To Watch These Dogs Eating Gently

    So gentle. So tender. SOOOOO GOOD.

    Recently, I found this Instagram called @dogseatinggently. And let me just tell you: it's truly filled a void in my life. (I even showed it to my therapist, that's how fucking good it is.) So please, follow me and let's take a journey through this flawless account together...

    ^ You and me.

    1. Have you ever watched dogs eat things gently?

    2. Like, this is just... truly astounding!!!!!!

    3. Look at this gentle lady do a noodle ssssssSSSSSLUUUURRRPPPPP!

    5. So polite, so careful...

    6. *gives strawberry the softest of mlems*

    8. Watch how he awakens and nibbles!

    9. Boyes with manners 😍😍😍

    10. He is GRATEFUL!!!!!!

    11. He sniff. He *taste*. He MONCH (still quite gently though)!!!

    12. Tell him, "Shhh, be gentle."

    13. "Eeeeeeasy now, big fella."


    15. Monch monch!!!

    16. Happy cheese boye!

    17. He lub the gemtle 'tato chimp.

    18. Future BIG BOYE do smol nib!!!!!!

    19. And lastly, MAKE A WISH, polite wishy doggo!!!!!!!

    Follow @dogseatinggently on Instagram to watch more dogs eat gently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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