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15 Interior Design Hacks To Help You Completely Revamp Your Living Space

*Bookmarks for the next time I randomly decide to rearrange my entire apartment*

1. This chart that shows just how much repainting a space can COMPLETELY change it!!!

2. Thinking about color schemes? Well, might I suggest:

3. There's also this comprehensive guide on what colors to paint in which rooms (backed by psychology!!!):

4. If you're someone who's into gallery walls, here are some templates you could work off of:

5. And some general rules of thumb for displaying art around the house:

6. This how-to on making your bedroom as ✨zen✨ as humanly possible:

7. This handy-dandy guide to help you pick the kind of lighting you want in your home:

8. Here's how to light a larger living room:

9. And some different ways to arrange furniture in a smaller one:

10. Or if your bedroom is tight quarters, here are some furniture layouts that just might work!!!

11. If you want to add some low maintenance greenery to your place, then check out this chart:

12. And this chart on which plants are great to have in your bedroom specifically:

13. AAAAND while we're at it, here's a nice lil' diagram on where to place said plants!

14. If you're looking to switch up your light fixtures, then this guide might help!!!

15. And lastly, here are some more tried and true ways to hang and style art for anyone who's just like, "?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!":

Do ✨YOU✨ have any secrets or hacks that helped you transform your space? If so, tell us in the comments, and if you have pics, please share those too!!!

H/T r/coolguides