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Hairstylists, What Annoys You The Most When You're Doing Someone's Hair?

Like, ~cut~ it out.

Hairstylists, we wanna hear what your pet peeves are when you're doing a client's hair!!!!!!!

Maybe it's when they bring in an ~inspo photo~ that isn't realistic for their hair type.


Think someone bringing a picture of a haircut that works for straight hair, but they have, like, VERY tight curls. Just an example!!!

Or perhaps it's when they want to dye their hair a ~natural red~ and finding them the perfect shade is a complete and utter B*TCH!

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Or maybe it's when clients lie about their at-home haircare that REEEEEEEALLY grinds your ol' rusty gears.

So, hairstylists, what annoys you most when doing someone's hair? Tell us *WHAT* bothers you and *WHY* in the comments and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!