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    23 Utterly Harrowing Food Crimes People Have Committed During Lockdown

    People are really getting, uh.........creative!

    1. First off, we have this very unnecessary display of creativity:

    Lockdown Day 22: Using Piping Tips to make a PB&J from shittyfoodporn

    2. This Fresh Take™ on sushi:

    Thought I’d try homemade sushi out from shittyfoodporn

    3. This pricey Caesar salad(???):

    Ordered ceased salad for $15 from one of the local restaurants. from shittyfoodporn

    4. This brick of solidified cookie dough:

    Coronavirus diet: just 2 kilograms of cookie dough that I attack with a spoon every now and then from shittyfoodporn

    5. This waffle fry dream that was far from realized:

    Wanted to make waffle fries yesterday. I had none of the equipment necessary to make waffle fries, but I did have a chopstick and a dream. from shittyfoodporn

    6. This artful culinary, umm...~experience~:

    I’ve been spending a little extra time on dinner lately from shittyfoodporn

    7. This Easter cake!!!!!!!!!! 👼💖

    Cake my mom sent me for Easter. The delivery was delayed by almost a month because of the lockdown from shittyfoodporn

    8. There are no words:

    2 ingredients from shittyfoodporn

    9. This literal FELONY that even Chester Cheeto himself would criminalize:

    Flaming Hot Cheetos Marshmallow Treats from shittyfoodporn

    10. These, unfortunately:

    Made some masks from shittyfoodporn

    11. This box of lost potential:

    Ordered carbonara from a '5 star uber restaurant' from shittyfoodporn

    12. Two words: BANANA. *gutturally gagging noise* PIZZA:

    My dad made banana pizza. Dear god when will quarantine end from shittyfoodporn

    13. This course that doesn't even deserve to be translated from French, honestly:

    Lockdown tasting menu, course four. Sandwich aux doigts de poisson avec vingt petits pois, une frite solitaire et notre garniture de fleurs de haricots. Bon appétit! from CasualUK

    14. This maritime monstrosity:

    Saw this on facebook, guess coronavirus is sparking some creativity from shittyfoodporn

    15. This grotesque display of toxic Quarantined Frat Boy Energy™:

    The perfect snack for NFL from shittyfoodporn

    16. I honestly do not even wish to discuss this one. Please just scroll past it:

    Lazy Pizza for Lazy Weekend from shittyfoodporn

    17. These — *sighs* — coronavirus meatballs:

    Corona virus meatball from shittyfoodporn

    18. This "f*cking rabbit":

    Pandemic Day 39. My wife’s exact words: “Here. It’s a fucking rabbit.” from shittyfoodporn

    19. This edible(???) nightmare fuel:

    I made a pasta burrito wrapped in rice paper...behold the atrocity of man. from shittyfoodporn

    20. This p-p-p-PANDEMIC PUDDING?!?!?!?!

    Pandemic pudding. Angel delight and mini eggs. from shittyfoodporn

    21. These unrolled, vulnerable quasi-croissants:

    Made croissants.. didn't know I was supposed to roll them from shittyfoodporn

    22. This sad, sad highlight that just about sums up 2020:

    The 10 pack of chicken nuggies from McD’s is $4.99. The 20 pack is $5.00. I buy the 20 pack and air fry three (3) everyday for a week. Highlight of my day. from shittyfoodporn

    23. And lastly, this ever-relatable lockdown cult classic, Sh*tty Bread™ 😌:

    A few weeks ago I made shitty bread. After some pointers, I ignored all pointers and continued to make shitty bread. from shittyfoodporn