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    23 Utterly Harrowing Food Crimes People Have Committed During Lockdown

    People are really getting, uh.........creative!

    1. First off, we have this very unnecessary display of creativity:

    2. This Fresh Take™ on sushi:

    3. This pricey Caesar salad(???):

    4. This brick of solidified cookie dough:

    5. This waffle fry dream that was far from realized:

    6. This artful culinary, umm...experience:

    7. This Easter cake!!!!!!!!!! 👼💖

    8. There are no words:

    9. This literal FELONY that even Chester Cheeto himself would criminalize:

    10. These, unfortunately:

    11. This box of lost potential:

    12. Two words: BANANA. gutturally gagging noise PIZZA:

    13. This course that doesn't even deserve to be translated from French, honestly:

    14. This maritime monstrosity:

    15. This grotesque display of toxic Quarantined Frat Boy Energy™:

    16. I honestly do not even wish to discuss this one. Please just scroll past it:

    17. These — sighs — coronavirus meatballs:

    18. This "f*cking rabbit":

    19. This edible(???) nightmare fuel:

    20. This p-p-p-PANDEMIC PUDDING?!?!?!?!

    21. These unrolled, vulnerable quasi-croissants:

    22. This sad, sad highlight that just about sums up 2020:

    23. And lastly, this ever-relatable lockdown cult classic, Sh*tty Bread™ 😌: