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Tell Us The Pettiest Thing Your Ex Has Ever Done

Hmu if your ex is about as sweet as Petty Crocker.

We've all had our share of breakups.

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And chances are if you've been through a breakup, you've probably experienced some pettiness.

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It comes with the territory.

But has an ex of yours ever done something that was truly, *remarkably* petty?

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Like maybe they stole the batteries out of your vibrator when they left.

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Or took things a step further and left roadkill on your doorstep every day for a few weeks.

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Or, IDK — they retaliated by dating your new man's ex...?

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Just a random idea!!!

Whatever it may be, tell us the ~pettiest~ thing your ex has ever done to you (or that YOU have ever done to them) in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!