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16 Really Good Things That Happened This Week That I Think Everyone Should See And Smile About

10/10s all around!!!

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. This week, this lil' sweetums sported her ✨💖 strawberry sweater 💖✨ and looked most lovely!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe she let me put this on her 🍓🥺

Twitter: @khanflake

2. The Golden Detectives answered BIG 👏 CRIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

Twitter: @posters_union

3. This smol bean faced the wrath of — *shivers* — THE PETSMART GROOMER:


4. Some very rare (and sexually explicit) relics were unearthed at an antique shop:

Went antiquing today and found what I thought were some cute letters but turns out

Twitter: @fineanddanya

5. These magnets this person ordered proved to be fully functional, so that's good!

I guess the magnets I ordered are here😂

Twitter: @MauiSaber

6. This 5-year-old delivered a devastating blow to her dad's ego:

asked my 5-year-old what she wanted for dinner and she said “not a burned quesadilla” bc in the summer of 2019 I overcooked one side of her quesadilla

Twitter: @toddedillard

7. This HERO(!!!!!!!!!) was awarded with a Certificate of Bravery...please clap 😌:

My dog got a certificate of bravery at the vet today 🥺

Twitter: @mmmegan

8. Someone conceptualized the best ad maybe ever:

Twitter: @highdopetexts

9. Someone baked some Snail Bread™!!!!!!!!

Twitter: @seokuva

10. This pupperini gave us glam!!!!!!!

I can’t believe how beautiful my dog is 😭

Twitter: @itsraechill

11. These wee kitters reaped the benefits of their crocheted tiny couches 😌:

Twitter: @uwucuteables

12. This bubba gave us some ✨chewable couture lewks✨!!!

She chewed up her red holee roller ball and now our mask collection is complete. We finally got one in every color from aww

13. Minnie here absolutely crushed her role as Executive Pen Transporter this quarter!!!

This is Minnie. She’s the Executive Pen Transporter for this office. As you can see, she takes her job very seriously. 13/10

Twitter: @dog_rates

14. This particular toy retrieval was a real nail-biter:

Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval from aww

15. These two gave us the serenade we all so desperately needed!!!!!!


#duet with @myaandkoda good dog #cuteanimals #dog #husky #music #guitar

♬ original sound - Mya and Koda

16. And lastly, these two shared the most comforting of all the snugs!!!!!!!!!!


#ohnoihopeidontfall #ifell #dogsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #fyp

♬ Oh No I Hope I Don't Fall... - IndieHay