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    16 Very, Very Good Things That Happened This Week

    Sometimes we all need a little good news!

    1. First off, Sophie here raised awareness for the rare condition known as "Dandelion Toes":

    This is Sophie. She has a classic case of dandelion toes, a rare condition caused by running through fields of dandelions. Luckily it is completely harmless and ridiculously cute. 14/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    2. This first grader made sure their camp counselor was fairly compensated 😌:

    3. This stranger left a cute lil' note for the owner of this journal 💕:

    4. Lucy here started Prozac!!! 🥳🎉

    Twitter: @merzi1999

    5. This husband ✨blessed✨ his wife with this hot dog card!!!!!!!

    My wife got mad at me because I bought this hot dog card for $8. But what she doesn't realize is that it sings and it's an INVESTMENT.

    Twitter: @T_L_Mcbeth

    6. This butterfly basked in their own beauty:

    Twitter: @PAVGOD

    7. This manatee earned the moniker "Wet Frank":

    Big news everyone, my son has decided to name his stuffed manatee “wet frank”

    Twitter: @UrPalWilly

    8. This sea turtle enjoyed a nice polishing up:

    今年の夏で2歳になった子ガメの亀みがき🐢 2年も海洋センターで暮らしていると、磨かれるのも慣れているのか貫禄すら感じますね☺️

    Twitter: @mt_seaturtle

    9. This son praised his mama in his positivity journal!!!!!!!!!

    10. This pup ✨Cha Cha Shuffled✨:

    Twitter: @imchasingdreamz

    11. Alanis Morissette invented landscaping with a single tweet:

    and I’m here, to remind you of the grass you left when you went away… 😂

    Twitter: @Alanis

    12. Rusty here showed off his Teef™:

    This is Rusty. He's too excited to fall asleep. Doesn't want to miss the tooth fairy. 13/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    13. This dad practiced some good parenting:

    14. The world was introduced to fine jina:

    Honey we’re having guests tonight, break out the fine jina

    Twitter: @cozymother

    15. This woman noticed a little girl going the extra mile for her ol' pug 🥺💕:

    A little girl in my street has a very old pug with severe arthritis. Today I saw her gently strap him into a baby stroller & wait for the postie so they could chase after it, running & laughing as the pup barked like hell. You know, just in case you forgot what love means. 💛

    Twitter: @Nicolsonraea

    16. And lastly, this big ol' bb got spoiled by their grandma!!!!!!! 💕💕💕

    Twitter: @PAVGOD