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    32 Shockingly Genius Things That Are WAAAAAY Ahead Of Their Time

    If you need me, I'll be picking up men at the ✨Husband Depository✨.

    1. This ✨Library of Things✨:

    2. These bathrooms that honor all toilet preferences!!!!!

    3. This oven that knows we all need a lil' reminder sometimes:

    4. This airport bathroom that shows you which stalls are occupied and which are vacant:


    5. This REVERSIBLE(!!!!!) park bench that lets you choose whether you'd like to look at the park or the ocean:


    6. This cool bar *drum fill*:

    8. This library that has an AMAZING view, if I do say so me-self!

    9. This elevator with foot buttons so you don't have to touch regular germy buttons:


    10. This literal oasis of massage chairs and phone chargers and I guess husbands!

    11. These imprinted fruit labels that avoid wasteful stickers:


    12. These ice cubes made from frozen coffee to keep iced coffee from getting too watered down:


    13. This much more straightforward instruction setup:

    15. This supermarket that's mindful of those who like calmer surroundings:

    18. This bathroom that costs money (yes, weird) but has a cut-out so kids can bypass the financial burden:

    20. This not *necessary* invention, but a fun one that I endorse nonetheless!!!!!!!!

    22. These different soaps for different purposes:

    24. This ingenious way to dispense face masks:

    25. These office chairs that are perfect for both cubicles and shredding gnar:

    26. This library guide to help people quietly find subjects they might be too embarrassed to ask about:

    27. This door that makes the most of limited bathroom space:

    28. This changing CVV number that helps prevent credit card theft!!!!!!!!

    30. This in-store solution so parents can test out strollers on different ~terrain~:

    31. This shirt that's always prepared for your lens-wiping needs!!!!!!!

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting