18 Tweets About Kids Being Hilarious (But In A Totally Oblivious Way)

    "My daughter just asked me if the word 'encyclopedia' comes from the word 'Wikipedia.'"

    1. These two were completely subtle and didn't draw attention to themselves whatsoever:

    my sister saw two unaccompanied little children in a trench coat giggling amongst themselves yesterday and i am absolutely howling

    2. This son simply offered a different perspective:

    my son saw a cemetery and said “that’s where they plant ghosts”

    3. This kid was a master of stealth:

    I hate this house. One of the kids ate my wing and tried to replace that shit 😒😒

    4. This daughter who did, indeed, have an "emergency":

    My daughter called me into the bathroom for an “emergency” only for me to find this. These kids don’t respect my time 🙄

    5. This multi-Christmas advocate:

    I was arguing with my husband and my son screamed "yay! TWO christmases!" from the other room.

    6. This kid who can't seem to ~mask~ his love for fictional serial killers:

    my cousin has a michael myers mask and he can’t stop wearing it

    7. This kid posed what is a very pressing question in the youth community:

    My daughter just asked me if the word encyclopedia comes from the word Wikipedia.

    8. This kid's search history:

    So my dad decided to check the history on my 8 year old brothers ipad... watch till the end 😂

    9. This kid reenforced her political agenda:

    Having studied my habits and preferences, my daughter hacked my attention this morning for her political agenda

    10. This avid Peppa Pig fan:

    I FaceTimed my baby brother (3 y/o) and he was speaking with a British accent. I was like wth is going on 💀 My daddy was like this damn Peppa Pig got this boy acting a fool 😂😂

    11. This daughter who's a revolutionary in the making!!!!!!!!!!

    So my daughter sent home the best camp letter ever.

    12. This morbid, morbid child:

    My daughter asked me how to spell my name so she can write it down, then hands this to me. Y’all.......... tell me this isn’t a grave

    13. This son who's smart and needed us to know:

    My son got his report card today and academically he did well but his teacher wrote a note specifying “ he needs to use kind words with friends “ . I asked him about it and he said “ My friends are dumb and they need to know “

    14. This future lawyer:

    My daughter actually submitted this feedback at school. Not sure if I should ground her or buy her ice cream...

    15. This daughter had an unsettling realization:

    My daugjter just ruined Toy Story for ever. She said if one of the toys died Andy wouldnt know and he'd carry on playing with its corpse

    16. And this future journalist who conducted quite the riveting interview with her cat:

    My kid did an interview with her cat

    17. This lil' prankster:

    18. And lastly, this inspirational quote:

    My 11-year old's birthday card to me. #blessed