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    17 Foods That Are Straight-Up Living In 3018

    BRB I gotta go smell my cocktail...

    1. This snack that grows its own mushroom filling:

    2. This 3-D printer that uses CHOCOLATE:

    3. This burger that's made entirely out of plants:

    4. These geometric popsicles that are vegan and lactose-free as well as ~aesthetically pleasing~:

    5. This clear coffee that gives you a caffeine boost in the morning without making your teeth yellow:

    6. This virtual cocktail which can create new flavors from literally just water and smell:

    7. This seaweed snack that has a second tear thingy for when you get close to the bottom:

    8. These fruit molds that'll let you grow fruit in different shapes:

    9. These glass potato chips that are made with potato stock, starch, slow-dried gel, and the power of ✨molecular gastronomy✨:

    10. This FDA-approved, edible spray paint that's here to make your wildest culinary creations COME 👏 TO 👏 LIFE 👏:

    11. BrusselKale is a forward-thinking superfood hybrid:

    12. These frozen yogurt pearls that help cut down on packaging and stay fresh on the go thanks to their coconut skin:

    13. This lychee and flower raindrop cake that's the ultimate minimalist delicacy:

    14. This meat that's artificially created in a lab from cow and bull muscle tissue:

    15. These European snack bars that tell you how much exercise you need to burn them off:

    16. This charcoal ice cream that comes in a bunch of different seasonal flavors:

    17. And finally, these edible water bottles that reduce plastic waste:

    How many of these foods would you actually try? Let us know in the comments!!!