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This Eyeless, Hairless Cat Is The Cutest Nightmare Fuel I Ever Did See

He's a SPOOKY BOYE!!!!!!!

This is Jasper. As you can see, he has no eyes and no hair and kinda looks like an evil gargoyle that could sprout bat wings at any given moment.

And ya know what?! I LOVE HIMS!!!!!!!!!!!

Being so taken by this lil' spook, I simply *HAD* to reach out to his owner, Kelli, and learn more about Jasper and his hairless, eyeless self.

Here's the story: Jasper was born with two eyes, but sadly, because of corneal ulcers, he eventually had to have each removed — his first in 2013, and the other one five years later.

Thankfully, Jasper is no longer in pain, and the procedures resulted in his terrifyingly adorable signature look — one that has gained him thousands of internet fans!!!

I mean..........LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!! 💖😭💖

"I get art of him all the time, and at least five people have gotten him tattooed on them, and that's not including me!" Kelli told BuzzFeed. "It's wild, but so, so appreciated!"

In addition to running Jasper's Instagram and Facebook, Kelli has started posting videos of him on TikTok, where people can get to know the lil' bald bean!


Jazzy just had some teeth removed and has no idea what to do with his tongue now :( #jazzypurrs #hairlesscat#catsoftiktok#yeshehasnoeyes

♬ original sound - asphynxiate

Like this cyoot lil' introduction vid where Jazzy enjoys some SOCKET RUBS!!!


He’s had so many tests over the years, I can assure you he is a very healthy cat with some bad luck. #catsoftiktok #jazzypurrs #sphynx #pets #fyp

♬ original sound - jazzypurrs

With Jasper's social media, Kelli also hopes to educate people about cats with special needs and show just how sweet and deserving of love they are.

"A blind cat can still live a very fulfilling, happy life," Kelli added. "If you're thinking of adopting a pet, maybe take a look at the less loved: the elderly, the disabled. They may just be the best companion you'll ever have."

Be sure to follow Jasper (aka @jazzy.purrs) and all of his ~spooky~ antics on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook!