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32 Pet Owners Who Did The Absolute Most In 2018

*unapologetically orders pet trading cards online*

1. When these pawrents brought their pupper on a cross-country road trip!!!!!!!!

My parents took our dog on a road trip, and he got to stop in every state to mark his journey !!

2. When this cat mom styled her furbaby in this fierce denim ~LEWK~!!!!!!

I found a tiny denim jacket at goodwill

3. When this dog mom gave out her pupper's trading cards!!!!!!!

I pet a nice dog at the airport and her handler gave me her trading card 😭❤️✨ All airports should have dogs and all dogs should have fan cards https://t.co/2ILnD5PYXQ

4. When these mourning fish folk held this respectful and beautiful service:

so my sister in law sends me these pictures of my brother giving their fish a full funeral...i’m in real tears rn😂💀

5. When this mom turned her guinea pigs' house into a guinea pig ~HOME~ 😭😭😭:


6. When this technicolor birb mama dyed her hair to match her birb child!!!!!!!!!

7. When this dad kept up his dog's ~ear drop illusion~:

my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend.. https://t.co/Vshe7dhl3b

8. When this pawrent made sure their cato was comf:

9. When this mama disguised her doggo's allergy pills as FDA-approved Handsome Pills!!!!!!

My dog Philby has to take allergy meds everyday but he doesn’t need to know that.

10. When this pupperino's pawrent made him an XXXXX-small customized cone of shame!!!!!!!!!!

he's got a rash on his butt and he keeps chewing but apparently petsmart doesn't stock cones small enough for him so we're using a dunkin donuts cup https://t.co/obMfpwvoss

11. When this lil' hammy boye was gifted a very special bed!!!!!!!!

i bought my hamster a lil bed and now we do everything together

12. When these two got ~spoopy~ together:

please look at this picture of me and my dog with spooky socks on

13. When this artsy hooman orchestrated this ~v moody~ photo shoot:

Penelopes photo shoot today was a success 💖

14. When this dog mom simply could NOT finish her assignment because of V IMPORTANT REASONS!!!!!!!!!

15. When this hooman dressed up their duck at Comic-Con:

Oh my god. These a cosplaying duck. The DUCK IS COSPLAYING MARIO

16. When this family catered to their dog's wishes:

He constantly thinks the screen door is closed, so we have to pretend to open it for him to come inside

17. When this puggo mom dressed up as her puggo son for Halloween!!!!!!!

18. When we got this lil' behind-the-scenes moment of these photogenic angels!!!!!!!

What it takes to get a magical photo....

19. When these hoomans buckled up their pupper and let him ride shotgun!!!!!!!!!

20. When this pawrent supplied prime entertainment at the local bar:

He was bored at the pub so we put squirrel videos on YouTube.

21. When this uncanny Lilo and Stitch cosplay happened!!!!!

22. When this doggo's hooman created this cinematic MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!

23. When this schnauzer and his new pawrent sent this very kind and thoughtful note:

We had to rehome my Grandad’s dog early last year when he was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Sadly he passed away a couple of weeks ago, this came in the post today 😅 https://t.co/RxSdKitfbo

24. When these hoomans brought their pupper to the tailgate!!!!!!

25. When this owner threw her husker a Frozen-themed birthday pawty!!!!!!!!

My sister threw our dog a Frozen-themed birthday party (because he’s a snow dog. duh) His friends came and even had cake. Thought twitter might enjoy some snaps of his party. And yes, Ghost had a great time and thanks everybody who contributed to making his day special ❤️ https://t.co/RM6crSnLXC

26. When these two easily won the internet with this costume:

Tommy the schnauzer just won Halloween. (The Modern Paws FB)

27. When this hooman commissioned a v lovely painting of their best fren:

28. When this dog mom used her beloved chiweenie for scale!!!!!!!

29. When this incredibly sweet pug pawrent was very considerate of others:

You howl all you want Charleston, honey

30. When these two bore a striking resemblance to each other:

31. When these pawrents (and new parents) finally agreed that fair is fair:

my dog summer wanted to get tossed in the air too hahaha

32. And lastly, when this dad made his home more Dog Friendly™:

My dad saw that viral video of the guy who cut holes in his fence for his nosey dog so he decided to test it out and the results did not disappoint https://t.co/MatcopjKmL