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    17 Employed Animals Who Are Doing A Very, Very, Veeeeeeery Good Job

    *gives raise and a boop*

    1. This well-respected officer with his own wittle BADGE AND HANDCUFFS:

    u/zacharoid / Via

    2. This floofy employee keeping an eye on security:

    3. This purrrrrfect copilot:

    4. This hard worker who received his very own CHRISTMAS BONUS:

    u/deltagibbs / Via

    5. This whiskered feller who doesn't mind lending his service in times of need:

    u/prettymm / Via

    6. This athletic stimk who works well and FAST:

    u/SlimJones123 / Via

    7. This patrol boye who takes his role as a first responder very, VERY seriously:

    u/drewnaugle / Via

    8. This teacher's assistant who struts around like the institution is beneath her:

    9. This good boye who sniffs out the bad stuff:

    10. This captivating guest lecturer:

    u/iBleeedorange / Via

    11. This hotel staffer whose position consists of saying henlo to guests and receiving copious amounts of pats:

    u/saadaude / Via

    12. This guy who may work at a slower pace, but remains consistent:

    u/EinsteinsAura / Via

    13. This speedy pupper who's made a career out of fetching:

    CNN / u/-EG- / Via

    14. This rule-abiding ~LAB~ researcher:

    u/pixels625 / Via

    15. This enthusiastic new hire:

    u/natsdorf / Via

    16. This vinyl aficionado:

    u/Pooleroops1 / Via

    17. And lastly, just some new guy:

    u/RabbitGuySentMe / Via