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    If You Were Ever Called "A Pleasure To Have In Class," These 15 Things Were Actually Your Lexapro Equivalent Back In Elementary School

    Sweet, sweet relief!!!

    1. First up, the original Lexapro that was running your finger between these soothing ridges:

    2. Meditatively digging through sandboxes at recess with one of these bad boys:

    3. Walking through your school's hallowed halls after, like, a chorus concert and finding it peaceful and oddly.......comforting?

    4. Poking the little bubble divots on your Spacemaker pencil box:

    5. The sweet relief of the day ending, signaled by putting chairs up on desks:

    6. Whenever one of these rolled into your classroom:

    7. When it was Silent Reading Time™ and you got your grimy lil' paws on one of ✨THESE✨!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Opening your lunchbox and seeing these packed in there!!!!!!!!

    9. Sticking your lil' fingies through these outdoor tables:

    10. Sitting your tush down on this carpet for a good ol' relaxing storytime:

    11. Sticking two of these things together and finding it so satisfying that it literally gave you full-body tingles:

    12. Waking up and finding out that it was a ✨Snow Day✨:

    13. Watching this soothing screensaver pop up on your teacher's PC while they were away from their desk:

    14. Two words: PARACHUTE DAY.

    15. And lastly, walking into the Scholastic Book Fair and smelling the sweet, sweet aroma of crisp fall air and ink on pages:

    H/T: r/nostalgia.