These Artists Made Beautiful Dog-Themed Tarot Cards That Raise Money For Service Animals

    Aaaand it's for a v goob cause.

    These are artists Arien and Bael Smith — two people living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in one body.

    Together, they've created a dog-themed tarot card deck that will help raise money to train service dogs that will aid people living with invisible disabilities. They're calling it the Major Barkana!

    Adorably, each card in the deck features a real dog!

    While the set isn't fully complete yet, here are some of the finished cards to absolutely ~DROOL~ over!!!

    Each deck will also include two service dog fact cards — one to keep for yourself, and one to share with someone else!

    But overall, Arien and Bael are hoping their doggo tarot cards will raise awareness for those with invisible disabilities, especially those with civilian-related PTSD.

    Arien and Bael have vowed to donate 15% of the profits to those in need of special dog training services. The rest will go towards adopting and training their own service dog.

    To learn more about The Major Barkana, click here!

    To donate to The Major Barkana, click here!

    To learn more about living with DID, listen to Bael explain his experiences on this Kickstarter Live.